The V Picos Snow Running and X Snowshoes World Championship –  WSSF will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of March 2018 in Picos de Europa, Cantabria – Spain!!

The race consists of 8,5 km and + 400m in the environment of the San Luis Channel and the Lloroza lakes.

> Friday 2nd of March

20:00 Opening Ceremony
Parade of Nations
Got Talet Spectacle
Fireworks in Potes

Preparativos para el Mundial 2018 / Preparations for the World Championships – Opening Ceremony – PicosXtreme

> Saturday 3th of March

15:00 WSSF Race . World Championship 8,5km.

17:00 WSSF Junior Race . World Championship 5 km.

18:30 Night Non Competitive Event .Full Moon.

Raquetada Nocturna al Claro de Luna Llena / Night Non Competitive Event – PicosXtreme

21:30 Dinner for athletes in Potes.

22:45 Prizes Ceremony.

23:30 PicosFest.

Party for all the athletes and Non Competitive snowshoers.

> Sunday 4th of March

Farewell of international athletes